The Dos and Don’ts of Data Recovery From Your IT team

It is possible to make bad decisions in case of data corruption or hardware failure. One of the reasons why you would make these bad choices is to avoid losing important data. However, there is always the right way to recover your data regardless of the methods you are using or the system you’ve. The following tips will help you understand what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to data recovery:

1. Do not open your hard drive

As a common user, you don’t possess the right skills, equipment and experience to open a hard drive. Therefore, if you don’t want to risk losing your data, you should never open your hard drive. Instead, you should take the hard drive to a data recovery engineer for recovery.

2. Do not listen to your friends

One of the mistakes you can make when it comes to data recovery is trying to do it yourself and you don’t have the skills. There are numerous videos and articles explaining how you can recover lost data but because you are not a professional, stop listening to your friends, reading recovery articles and watching recovery videos to do it yourself!

3. Don’t swap circuit boards on modern drives

Even if you possess some skills in data recovery, you should never swap circuit boards on modern hard drives because they may have firmware or system area that conflicts with the entire system causing further damages.

4. Do seek professional help

Data recovery should be carried out by a professional who possesses the skills and equipment for the job. Remember, data recovery is done in a controlled environment and only professionals can achieve this. When looking for a professional data recovery company, make sure you research thoroughly to make the right choice. You can get recommendations from friends to avoid wasting a lot of time. However, since what works for your friends may fail to work for you, carry out further research to ensure that the professional company is reliable and effective.

5. Do relax

Most people tend to panic when their computers/ hard droves develop a problem. This should not be the case because you will end up making uninformed decisions which might make you lose vital data. Instead, relax your mind and be as optimistic because are looking for a professional to help you.

Finally, if you had a similar problem and the professional you hired did a great job, it is advisable to hire them again because you are familiar with their approaches. It is easier to work with someone you know really well, unlike a stranger. However, if it is your first time, don’t get worried because there are qualified professionals who can help you in a successful data recovery process.